Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is Bookbird?

Bookbird is a complete online bookkeeping service created especially for small business owners to help them grow their businesses and to save them time and money.

Bookbird sets you up with an accountant who will oversee your bookkeeping team. You can contact your dedicated accountant by phone, email, or by messaging with any questions you have.

+ What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

A bookkeeper focuses on recording and organising financial data which can include: processing receipts and bills, reconciling expenses, processing payroll and invoicing creating financial statements and reports.

An accountant interprets and presents financial data to business owners and investors. Accountants provide financial statements and reports, set up budgets, file final tax returns, analyse business performance and provide advice.

Whilst bookkeeper and accounting service overlap, accountants generally charge significantly more for their services. Small business owners can save money by organizing as much as their financial data before submitting to an accountant for file review either doing it themselves or by hiring a bookkeeping service like Bookbird

+ Is Bookbird an accounting company or a bookkeeping service?

Bookbird is both but focuses on bookkeeping services.

Bookbird is the bookkeeping arm of a highly respected New Zealand accounting firm: VCFO Group. Bookbird supports small business owners by offering them complete online bookkeeping services at an affordable set monthly price.

Bookbird prepares all your books to make you tax ready for your accountant. And if you don’t have an accountant or are looking to switch, Bookbird offers full accounting services through our partner company VCFO.

+ What services does Bookbird provide?

Bookbird provides complete online bookkeeping services including reconciliation, invoicing, payroll, GST.

We make sure you are tax ready at the end of every month and that all your business records are organized and up to date and stored safely in the cloud.

View our services page for complete details.

+ Do I have to live in New Zealand to use Bookbird?

We support small business worldwide. Our Accounting office and headquarters is located in Auckland New Zealand but we have a strong and growing roster of international clients. Many of our international clients find that the difference in exchange rates makes our service even more affordable. And because your account is kept in the cloud, you can have access any time from anywhere. Furthermore, not only are all our accountants and bookkeepers English speaking, New Zealand is rated as the most honest country in the world to do business.

+ What do I need to do to start the free trial?

Setting up your free trial will only take a few minutes. We will send you directions on how to link your Xero account or current accounting software to Bookbird and if you don't have an accounting program, we can set you up with Xero. If you have any questions, a Bookbird bookkeeper is avaiable to guide you through set up over the phone.

+ How will I know my financial records are safe?

Bookbirds parent company VCFO Group has been around since 2006 and is one of New Zealand's most trusted financial companies. We are a proud members of the Chartered Accountants of New Zealand and New Zealand is rated the least corrupt nation in the world for business. We are also a Xero gold certified partner. We will protect your data and provide best practice security by using SSL encryption between your web browser and our servers, just like online bank services.

There will be a “https” and padlock in your browser’s address bar. This will let you know our connection is secure. Our data centre here in New Zealand, will back up your data hourly.

+ What kind of ongoing support will I receive?

You can email, call or text your dedicated accountant at anytime. She/he will get back to you within 24 hours during the work week. Bookbird will advice and support you on questions relating to your bookkeeping package. If you require additional help outside of our bookkeeping services such as accounting help and the filing of final tax returns, we are happy to quote you for that separately and will inform you before engaging in any accounting items outside of scope.

+ What happens if I don’t have Xero or an accounting software program?

Bookbird will happily assist you with setting up a Xero account. We are gold certified Xero partners. We can also assist with helping to migrate you from other accounting software programs.

+ What is so special about Xero accounting software?

Xero is a highly acclaimed New Zealand created accounting system that stores all your information securely in the cloud where you and our bookkeepers have anytime from anywhere. Xero is super simple and easy to use and was created specifically to support small businesses. Xero automates most accounting processes and will integrate with our system seamlessly so we can access your data and then reconciling it.

If you are not currently using a cloud-based accounting system like Xero, just contact us and we will help you get set up. It’s super easy and we are experts at it.

+ What Xero apps do you support?

We support: Xero inventory. Xero payroll. Xero expenses. Xero project management. Fixed assets. GST returns.

+ How do I send Bookbird my receipts and invoices?

We will set you up with free access to an app allows you to take photos of invoices and receipts (you can also email them through). We will take it from there. We will make sure all the relevant data gets uploaded correctly into your Xero account along with an attachment of the photo. Your receipts will be then securely saved in the cloud.

+ How often will I receive reports?

To help you make more informed business decisions, Bookbird will provide you with a full monthly report which will summarize your cash activity and top expenses for the month.

+ What is the timing around the services you provide like reconciliations and invoicing?

Bookbird will process your invoices and receipts weekly, sometimes faster. We will also set up a payroll schedule that works best for you and your businesses cash flow.

+ I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

Please email or call us, we would love to hear from you! We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have. We take finances seriously and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and help you grow your business.