Meet The Team

The team here at Bookbird are dedicated to helping you get your bookkeeping done with pinpoint accuracy and the most cost effective solutions.

Melissa Du | Head of Product & Strategy
Melissa Du | Head of Product & Strategy

Lu Zhang

Lead Account Manager

Lu is lead account manager. Lu has a passion for numbers and details, and the ability to focus. She loves interacting with small business owners and entrepreneurs; she finds them inspiring, motivated and creative. 

Lu holds a post-graduate degree in accounting and made her move from the mighty Waikato in search of a more challenging and varied role which she has found with Bookbird.

Edwina Fairley

Head of Business Operations

Edwina is head of business operations here at Bookbird. She loves interacting with small business owners and entrepreneurs; she finds them incredibly inspiring, motivating and creative. It's Edwina's personal goal to take the stress off and make life easier for these incredibly passionate people! If it's a helping hand you're after, Edwina is here for you!

Edwina holds a bachelors of Business Degree from Massey University and is studying towards becoming a chartered accountant.

Melissa Du

Head of Product & Strategy

Melissa Du is the head of product & strategy at Bookbird. Passionate about understanding the numbers side of business and finding ways to help business grow, she studied Accounting at the University of Auckland. She joined Bookbird when she realised that Bookirds’s mission matches with her passion.

Melissa Du obtained her Bachelors degree in Economics from Sichuan Agricultural University in 2013 and her Masters degree in Professional Accounting from the University of Auckland in 2015.

Make Change Roger.jpg

Roger Hatrick-Smith


Roger is a Chartered Accountant although for most of his career he has been advising businesses and owners on how to solve problems, beat the odds and get ahead. When working with clients his primary focus is you, the owner, and what you can and could achieve with your business.

He founded Bookbird as he saw there was a need for more support for business owners and entrepreneurs starting out in business. Something he was experienced with after years at Icehouse.


Adam Neoh

Head of Accounting

Adam is a number’s guru. If there is a maths problem, he probably knows the answer. He looks after the compliance accounting and tax team at Bookbird, and is team undertakes regular accounting tasks for our clients as well as year-end accounting and tax compliance work.
Adam is CPA qualified, a testament to his skillset and outside of business his passions include badminton (he’s rather good) & travelling.