Bookbird is your new virtual bookkeeper – our team of account managers and accountants handle all the details to help you keep your business financials running flawlessly. We’re experts in accounting so you don’t have to be! Your new virtual bookkeeping team works tirelessly to ensure your accounts are kept accurate, up to date, and actionable.

Complete Bookkeeping


Keeping your Xero account up to date by reconciling bank transactions imported into Xero from your bank account to the correct account in your chart of accounts. If your bank has privacy settings which don’t allow you to set up automatic bank feeds in Xero we will manually import your bank statements for you. We will also record all cash transactions that happen outside of Xero to make sure all expenses are accurately captured.

Progress Reporting

Every month you will receive an easy to read progress report that summarises your cash activities and top expenses for the month which can help you make more informed and better business decisions. Included is the last 3 months bank balances as well as a snap shot of any accounts payable or accounts receivable that are overdue and need to be actioned.

Electronically Process Receipts and Bills

Finding paper receipts & invoices at the end of the month can be difficult and time consuming. Included in your package is the ability to easily capture photos of invoices and receipts on your smart phone, send them to us and we’ll take care of them, it’s that simple. You can also forward invoices received by email to your unique email address with us and let us take care of the rest.

Advice and Guidance

We live in the cloud and handle all the details to help you keep your business running flawlessly. We offer you on-demand sessions to discuss and solve your day-to-day business problems and help with new projects. 

Add-on services


Processing payroll for your staff to ensure all your employees are paid on time every pay period. This includes recording approved leave, preparing and sending payslips with accurate leave balances and paying the net pay to your employees.


We’ll collate and send the return to the IRD that lets them know how much tax you’ve deducted from staff pay packages and then let you know how much you’ll need to pay to the IRD and when.


For each GST return we will be reviewing your transactions to ensure GST is being accounted for correctly. We file the GST return with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and advise you of your GST liability or refund, with plenty of notice. We will also send you a reminder before the GST due date to help you pay on time and avoid incurring any unnecessary penalties or interest. If you are unable to pay on time, we can liaise with the IRD on your behalf to see if an instalment arrangement can be agreed upon.

Custom Services

Need more than basic bookkeeping? We do that too!

These services are provided in addition to the basic package and are quoted and charged on a customised basis as the solution you buy from us is designed specifically to your needs. The service can help you with many common day-to-day business activities including:

Issuing quotes to your customers

We can help set up professional quotes using customisable templates in Xero, prepare quotes using item shortcuts and keeping an eye on their status.

Processing Sales Invoices

We can help set up professional invoice templates and send out invoices on your behalf.

Raise Purchase Orders

We can help set up customised purchase order templates and keep the orders flowing by preparing digital purchase orders to send to your suppliers.

Process Bills

Creating bills in Xero so you can manage your cash flow effectively as you can see what payments are becoming due, allowing you to pay your bills on time to avoid late fees and to continue to build a good relationship with your suppliers.

Make Payments

In addition to creating bills in Xero, we can also pay your bills for you on time every time to keep your suppliers happy and to remove the hassle. You can choose whether you would like to authorise any payments going out or not.

Pay Xero Expenses (Staff Reimbursements)

We can manage Xero expenses to efficiently track, manage and pay-out expense claims to keep your employees happy.

Manage Projects

We can help with the set up your Xero Projects system as well as create and help you to manage projects. We can also manage project invoicing which include activities such as adding and editing invoices, creating a deposit invoice and assigning or unassigning an invoice line item to a project. We can also help with project reporting including project detailed time reports, staff time overview and project summary reports.

Manage Fixed Assets

We can manage your capital expenditure programme by recording asset purchases in the fixed asset register, recommend setting up ID codes to easily track your assets as well as managing their depreciation and disposals to keep your balance sheet up to date.